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Proposal & Annotated Bibliography

In preparation for your final essay project, you will write a short proposal (500-words) and an annotated bibliography of 10 centrally relevant sources for the essay. Information about how to write a paper proposal and annotated bibliography are available below.

A Research Proposal is a clearly-defined articulation of an argument and plan of proving it. This is not a first-draft of an idea, but a plan.
Read about research proposals here: from USC. Think of this assignment as a proposal for a conference presentation, wherein you need to pitch your research topic and argument.

An Annotated Bibliography is not just a list of sources but a curated selection of research relevant to your proposed topic. Your annotated bibliography should serve you in writing your paper. Its annotations should therefore demonstrate that you have read or skimmed the titles and determined HOW and WHY each text is relevant to your study. You might consider consulting our English librarian, Markel Tumlin, for support in this process. You might also research more about Annotated Bibliographies (about the genre from Cornell, about formatting in MLA)