Book History


Participation: 20%

This is your class, and you participation is vital to its success. You must attend all class meetings in order to receive full credit for participation Come to class prepared to discuss the text in depth; this means having read the entire text before class. I expect you to speak and listen.

  • Your participation grade includes engaging in dialogue in class. This means speaking and listening actively, attentively, and respectfully. (If you have fear of speaking in public, this seminar is a good place to learn to address that fear. Please come see me early in the term to discuss strategies for dealing with this fear).
  • Your participation grade includes an in-person meeting with the professor.
  • Your participation grade includes a 3-5-minute presentation on one of the texts. This presentation should serve to start the class’s conversation for the day. You will point us to a question from the day’s reading and to the specific passage in the text that sparked that inquiry for you. You will get the discussion rolling…