Book History

Extra Credit

There are quite a few events that are relevant to our course topic and are thus available for extra credit. Extra credit points can lift a grade a whole percentage points. To receive extra credit, you need to attend the event AND write a short blog post about it (that situates the event) in the context of our class.. You can receive extra credit for multiple events.

Extra Credit: Total of 1%

January 26 @ 7pm
Lecture on “The Future of the Humanities in a Digital Age”**
Aztec Student Union, Montezuma Hall

Cerf and Cole talk

February 17 @ 7pm

Electronic Literature Reading

March 3

Twine Workshop
Prof. Adam Hammond
LARC PC Lab (Storm Hall, 204)

Twine workshop

April 22-24
The 19th Annual Binational Communication (BINACOM) Meeting
San Diego State University. The theme for the Encuentro is Digital Communication: Transformations, Innovations and New Directions BINACOMCallforPapers