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Tools for Digital Making

Build-It Lab in Library: 3D printing for your projects @ LOVE LIBRARY

Great online tools:
DH Toychest: Website with list of tools for Digital Humanities projects
Wondershare Filmora is a super cool editing tool for free
Diigo and Scrible, enable users to  bookmark, highlight, and comment on web-content directly on the page in your browser.You can annotate the web– to share your comments or, for the final project, take screenshots of your annotations
Annotation Studio: various ways of annotating and marking up digital documents
create visual timelines
CamStudio: free recording software
Prezi: motion-enabled version of slide presentation (like PowerPoint)
QR software Between Page and Screen source code.
Textexture: Using this tool you can visualize any text as a network. 
Gephi: Make graphs
Neatline: a geotemporal exhibit-builder
Wordle or TagCloud generator