Book History

Sample Student Projects

SDSU student projects from “Digital Literature” course (2015)
-on Netprov
-on Comparative Textual Media through a digital comic
-on Memes

pound meme

Essay on Interactive Fiction in an Inform 7

andrew's IFe essay copy

SDSU student projects from “The Book in the Digital Age” course

Karen Quezada_Eng563 copy

IMG_5069 2 IMG_5064 2


SDSU student projects from “Digital Literacy” course

SDSU student project, “The Question of Human in the Digital Age” (Prezi)

SDSU student project, “A Critical Analysis of Skyrim” (video)

Yale student projects from “Digital Literature” course

Digital essay on spatial dimension

Digital annotation of digital literature
Taja_nippon annotated copy

Movie-essay by Yale student about games and game criticism

Yale student “biography of a book” on Medieval Manuscripts in a multimedia Prezi

UCLA student essay using Photoshop to create a visual essay about graphic narrative.