Book History

Week 5: McGann and Chartier

Week 5: Jerome McGann, W. B. Yeats, Wimsatt & Beardsley

G. Thomas Tanselle says editors need to be hyper-conscious of the context of a piece of writing (eclectic editing). Hershel Parker says the editor needs to avoid the “noise” or “corruption” of other editions, editors, etc. To use a printed…
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“Voyagers” and Explorers – Chartier’s Unexplored Spaces

Chartier states early in his essay that “The task of the historians is, then, to reconstruct the variations that differentiate the “readable space” (the texts in their material and discursive forms) and those which govern the circumstances of their “actualization”…
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The Textual Condition of Blake’s Illuminated Works

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In his article, “The Socialization of Texts,” Jerome McGann discusses two different theories regarding the role of the editor in regards to “the question of multiple artistic intentionalities”: one promoted by Herschel Parker and the other by Bowers and Tanselle…
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