Book History

Week 7: Chartier and Eisenstein

Chartier…History of Fears…Meaning Proliferation…Rank/Becker

I appreciated the reading from Roger Chartier for a number of reasons, including its balanced approach to argument and its overall clarity. At first, my eyes began to glaze over the lengthy presentations of percentages related to “signers” of various…
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Women and “The Practical Impact of Writing” and Reading

So, some of my ideas in this blog are a little half-baked, but this week’s reading took me to interesting places, like into the arms of a pirate. Many things were interesting in Chartier’s piece, though I found the statistics difficult…
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Liberating the Reader


“The ability to read and write,” or so Roger Chartier argues in his work “The Practical Impact of Writing,” “enabled people to relate to others and to the authorities in new ways. The greater a person’s familiarity with writing, the…
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